Doukyuusei Series Reading Order

  1. 同級生 [Doukyuusei/Classmates] [link]
  2. 卒業生 [Sotsugyousei/Graduates] [link]
  3. 空と原 [Sora to Hara/Sora and Hara/Sky and Field] [link] [link]
  4. first love】[link] [link]
  5. O.B. 1[Occupation to Beloved 1] [link] [link]
  6. O.B. 2[Occupation to Beloved 2] [see above]
  7. 同窓会 [Dousoukai/Class Reunion] [link]
  8. the night before&wedding[link]
  9. gold ring&silver ring】[link]
  10. 卒業証書 [Sotsugyoushousho/Graduation Certificate] [link] [link]

The first five are kinda obvious, because that’s the publishing order. The extras can be in whatever order you like, I guess, but Graduation Certificate has to go last. In First Love, Kusakabe and Sajou are still using their surnames, so it goes somewhere after their graduation and Sajou’s move to Kyoto but before OB. In Class Reunion, Sorano and Harasen are living together and his hair is slightly shorter than in OB but longer than Graduation Certificate. I’d say because he’s a model, they will change things around for his style often. Also in Class Reunion, Sajou is still getting used to calling Kusakabe by his first name, so I think it’s soon afterwards. The Night Before technically goes in the middle of Doukyuusei, but because it’s in a double with Wedding, if one were to read it accidentally too early, they would be confused. And I put Gold Ring & Silver Ring just before Graduation Certificate because I feel they’d buy them not long before Hikaru turned 20. Graduation Certificate goes last because it’s the furthest into the future for Sajou and Kusakabe. I assume this is the finale for the whole series, as sensei hasn’t done anything more except the bonus content for the movie, but who knows.

Timeline (Under Construction)

  • Summer 2006 – Kusakabe and Sajou are second years, fall for each other (Doukyuusei)
  • Winter 2007 – (Sotusgyousei: Fuyu)
  • Spring 2007 – Kusakabe and Sajou graduate (Sotsugyousei: Haru), Sorano starts at the school, Sajou moves to Kyoto (Sora to Hara)
  • Spring 2009 – Kusakabe and Sajou buy rings (Gold Ring & Silver Ring), both propose outside Sajou’s university (Graduation Certificate: Happy Ending 02)
  • Spring 2010 – Sorano graduates (Sora to Hara: tankobon front cover)
  • 2012 – Sorano wants to finally sleep with Harasen (OB #6)

Other Works by Nakamura-sensei

How does sensei get any sleep???

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  • Hadaka no Boku [link]
  • Tenkousei [link]
  • Nikoichi [link]
  • Ano Hi, Seifuku de – Konya, Ano Hi ni [link]
  • Boy’s Love [link]
  • Double Mints [link]
  • Natsu to Fuyu node Au Basho [link]
  • J no Subete Volume 1 [link]
  • J no Subete Volume 2 [link]
  • J no Subete Volume 3 [link]
  • Eiyuu to Shounen [link]
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