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  • Adults Only 成人向け
  • All Ages 一般
  • BL ボーイズ ラブ
    Boy’s Love, also known as Shounen-ai. While technically the same thing as yaoi, (in an English context at least) BL will usually refer to a more g-rated story. Titles such as Doukyuusei or Gravitation might be considered BL.
  • Circle サークル
    Group who works on doujinshi together.
  • Doujinshi 同人誌
    A self-published work that has similar roots in Japan as fanzines do in Western fandoms. Usually published by amateur artists and writers, although the lines between professional and amateur is blurred with artists crossing over and wearing different hats all the time. While doujinshi is technically an umbrella term for self-published works including manga, writing/fanfiction, or a fanbook, in Western discussion, doujinshi usually refers to only manga-style fan comics.
  • Gag ギャグ
    A comedy storyline, usually crack-humour.
  • GL ガールズラブ
    Girl’s Love
  • Magazine 雑誌
    A regular ol’ magazine. In this context, you’re probably looking at monthly publications that include chapters of various manga stories.
  • Manga 漫画
    Comics written and developed in Japan that conforms to a specific style distinct from traditional Western comics, although the lines between both have been blurred in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
  • Mangaka 漫画家
    An artist who writes and/or draws manga.
  • Obi 帯
    A wrapper/belt that comes with some new manga, usually promoting a competition or tie-in to the series. 
  • Shinsoban 新装版
    Special Edition, or reprint of a series, usually combining a few books into one for a shorter number of books in the series.
  • Shounen-ai 少年愛
    See BL.
  • Tankobon 単行本
    Collected chapters in a published book. For example, Volume 1 of a manga containing chapters 1-5 previously featured in a monthly magazine.
  • Yaoi やおい
    Yaoi is an abbreviation of the phrase ヤマなし、オチなし、意味なし which translates to ‘no climax, no point, no meaning’. While technically the same genre as BL, has now usually (in an English-speaking context) come to mean a more explicit work. For example, to compare the content of Crimson Spell with Doukyuusei.
  • Yen ¥‎/円
    Japanese currency.
  • Yuri 百合
    Yuri is to GL as Yaoi is to BL.