Title: Tanpopo (Dandelion)
Mangaka: Omocha no Pistol
Release Date: 27/3/2005
Series: Gyokuran #1
Based On: Bleach
Language: Japanese
Pairing: Byakuya/Renji
Purchased From: Yahoo Auctions Japan
Purchase Price: ¥800

This doujinshi gives of a more melancholy vibe than I first thought it would (the fact that Renji's looking melancholy on the cover wouldn't give it away, of course -_-;;)

The cover has a holographic sheen to it, which makes it quite nice and special.

The final line, coupled with Renji's apathy towards Byakuya's advances gives the doujinshi a very saddened tone. Renji clearly still feels that Byakuya took something undeniably precious from him, and Byakuya just wants Renji to return his feelings. The author says in the author's notes that it's somewhat a sequel to another of the Byakuya/Renji doujinshi avaliable (which I still have to hunt down, damnit!). The artwork is amazing, as with all Omocha no Pistol. As Gali said, they have an ability to make Renji's hair so enticing! And a haori-less Byakuya... *guh*

Anyways, long story short, this is a fabulous doujinshi that really tugged at my heartstrings.

Renji has been practising in shikai on a remote hillside. He collapses in the grass and tells Zabimaru that they're done for the evening. Byakuya "happens" to come across him and Renji asks him if he's on one his nightly walks.

The conversation drifts to Renji's past and he recites a myth about the dandelions around them, saying he thinks he remembers it from his family before he died. He then asks why Byakuya took Rukia away from him. Byakuya doesn't reply, so Renji brushes it off, but Byakuya shoves him to the ground and kisses him.

While clearly uncomfortable, Renji doesn't resist, although he's disbelieving at first that Byakuya would want to do it outdoors. As Byakuya leans over him, he thinks to himself that he doesn't mind if Renji doesn't love him back, so long as he keeps his gaze only on him.

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