Mazzo di Ricordi

Title: Mazzo di Ricordi (Bouquet of Memories)
Mangaka: kaoru-chan
Release Date: 2009
Based On: Axis Powers Hetalia
Language: English
Pairing: Lugwig/Feliciano or Germany/Italy
Purchased From: Artist's DeviantArt page
Purchase Price: Unknown

"I still dream about you... The boy with the shy smile... the boy who gave me flowers... the boy who stole my first kiss... the boy who made a promise..."

I'd not discovered Kaoru-chan long on DA when she put up pre-orders for this doujinshi. I put my name down for one at once. Not only is it my favourite APH pairing, but her art is just fantastic. She captures a delicate side to the characters with a whimsical feeling to a lot of the scenes. An added bonus is guest art from a few of her friends on DA. The cover is a glossy plain print.


The story focuses on how Feliciano (Italy) still dreams about Holy Roman Empire, harbouring feelings for him, which confuses him in his current relationship with Ludwig (Germany). One day, Ludwig discovers Feliciano's book of memories.

As Feliciano returns from collecting flowers (the same ones that HRE gave him as he left), he sees his lover with the book and grabs it away, clearly upset. He brushes it off when Ludwig asks, concerned, if he's alright, and goes outside where he sadly wonders why the two people he's loved were so alike.

Ludwig finds him and Feliciano admits that the boy in the book was his childhood sweetheart who died in battle. He then breaks down, saying that he's afraid history will repeat itself and Ludwig will eventually leave him. Ludwig, however, is adamant that will never happen. He says that he made a promise; and he doesn't intend to break that promise.

As they hug, Feliciano thinks to himself that even if promises can be broken and history can repeat itself, if someone's there beside you, happiness is just around the corner.

[kaoru-chan's DA page]

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