Hana-Kimi (English) Volume 03

Title: Hanazakari no Kimitachi he Volume 3
Mangaka: Hisaya Nakajo
Published by: Viz Media
Release Date: 7/2004
Series: Hana-Kimi (English) #3
Language: English
Purchased From: Whitcoulls Queenstown
Purchase Price: Unknown

Izumi, his friend Nakatsu and our crossdressing heroine Mizuki are hired to work at a beach chalet run by the family of weird school nurse Dr Umeda! But when Kagurazaka -- Izumi's high-jump rival -- shows up with his two younger sisters in tow, the job gets personal!

Kagurazaka's attractive sister Tamami has a crush on Izumi too and she sees Izumi's classmate Mizuki as a way to find out about the object of her affections. And then someone realises Mizuki's actually a girl...

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