Hana-Kimi (English) Volume 04

Title: Hanazakari no Kimitachi he Volume 4
Mangaka: Hisaya Nakajo
Published by: Viz Media
Release Date: 12/2004
Series: Hana-Kimi (English) #4
Language: English
Purchased From: Whitcoulls Queenstown
Purchase Price: Unknown

All-male Osaka High School is holding its annual war of the dorms, and for the students there is no escape!

Unfortunately, even  though she'd be happy to just compete in the 500 metre relay, Mizuki is forced to enter the cross-dressing pagent... and pretend to be a boy pretending to be a girl! Worse still, a rival dorm targets Mizuki as a threat to their athletic supremacy! Can dorm chief Minami Nanba make winners out of his class while dealing with his own secret traumas?

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