Hakusaku no Kajitsu

Title: Hakusaku no Kajitsu (Cloudy Fruit)
Mangaka: Sakurai Ryo
Release Date: 29/12/2005
Based On: Bleach
Language: Japanese
Pairing: Byakuya/Renji
Purchased From: Yahoo Auctions Japan
Purchase Price: ‎¥810

Renji visits the gravesite of his friends and vows to protect Rukia with her new family, even if it means getting left behind himself as he searches for a deeper connection with his lover, Byakuya.


Renji sits alone on the hillside where his friends are buried, and remarks to his makeshift-family that he has to protect Rukia's happiness with her new family, so he's fine by himself. Isn't he?

Cut to he and Byakuya alone together, the captain on top from behind, which Renji apparently doesn't like, especially when Byakuya starts playing with his nipples. With a discouraged look, Byakuya flips his lover over onto his back and gives him a hand-job. Renji fights this as well, albeit half-heartedly, and finally Byakuya stops with a sigh.

Renji feels guilty, especially when Byakuya admits he doesn't know what to do; Renji hates contact, hates being apart, hates facing Byakuya, hates anything unexpected... He closes his eyes in frustration. Renji grasps his hand in Byakuya's and the two lean into each other, silent. Byakuya lets Renji know that he'll always protect Rukia, if that's what's bothering him. Renji's inner monologue admits that even though Rukia's already part of his family, he's still jealous of Byakuya. He's jealous, but he also desires him.

He lets go of Byakuya's hand, who is shocked to see his lover crying. The captain grips Renji's shoulders and asks why he is crying. Renji thinks to himself that he just wants Byakuya to accept him; he wants to be held by Byakuya because he knows he's comfortable there, that he belongs there. It finishes with Byakuya comforting Renji, with Renji commenting that no matter what, he and Byakuya are connected.

There's a bonus omake of Byakuya asking Renji to call out his name (!) in climax, but Renji can't help but tack a -san on it anyway.

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