FAKE Volume 03

Title: FAKE Volume 03
Mangaka: Sanami Matou
Published by: Tokyopop
Release Date: 2004
Series: FAKE #3
Language: English
Purchased From: NZAE Con Dunedin
Purchase Price: NZ $3.30

Working the beat of the 27th precinct, [Dee and Ryo] are on the hunt for a easily roused serial killer who doesn't mix business with pleasure -- he murders women who look like prostitutes, and the tally of the victims is mounting. Add to the mix Police Commissioner Berkeley Rose, who also has his eyes set on Ryo; Diana Spacey, a sexy female FBI agent willing to put her life on the line; and a drug lord who is one step ahead of police... and you've got the makings for a hot-blooded climax.

Jut when the case looks to be too tough to crack, Diana suddenly becomes the object of the killer's desire. Can the gang untabgle the serial killer's web before she becomes the next victim?

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