FAKE Volume 02

Title: FAKE Volume 2
Mangaka: Sanami Matou
Published by: Tokyopop
Release Date: 2004
Series: FAKE #2
Language: English
Purchased From: NZAE Con Dunedin
Purchase Price: NZ $3.30

This time, Dee and Ryo go on their first vacation together, but their break from crime-fighting doesn't last long. When the duo encounter a corpse, their forced to answer questions from local police and soon discover that four Japanese people have recently been murdered there. Officer Berkeley Rose seeks their help. When JJ, Bikky and Carol show up, it appears that one of their group might be the killers next target. With a lot of skill and a little luck, Dee and Ryo will be able to solve this murder mystery before another life is lost.

Later, Dee takes Ryo to visit the orphanage he grew up in. When a bomb explodes and seriously injures the nun who raised him, Dee will stop at nothing to find the perpetrator and get even. It's up to Ryo to stop Dee before his lust for revenge leads to murder.

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