Devil and the Death Volume 7

Title: Devil and the Death Volume 7
Mangaka: pandabaka
Release Date: 2009
Series: Devil and the Death #7
Based On: Bleach
Language: English
Pairing: Renji/Rukia, Gin/Rangiku, Urahara/Yoruichi
Purchased From: Artist's DeviantArt page
Purchase Price: USD $12.00

"And another thing... just do what you want right now. Because life is unpredictable. You can't even regret it if you die tomorrow."

I bought this doujinshi with Devil and the Death 5 on pre-order from Pandabaka. It features a few het relationships, which are admittedly some of my favourites. This one has sweetness, tragedy and comedy all in one and it's very well done. The cover is a plain matte finish and nicely coloured.


Take I has Shiba Kuukaku deciding to have a fireworks festival. Ganju is, of course, roped into helping. He, in turn, ropes Hanatarou into helping. However, before he can do much, Yachiru steals the flyers and starts handing them out. Nemu, Rangiku, (a very annoyed) Hitsugaya, Ukitake, Kyouraku, Soi Fon, Ikkaku, Yumichika and finally Rukia get a flyer each, some eager and some not-so-eager to go. Rukia wonders if it would be odd for her to ask "that guy" to go with her. As she agonises, Renji bursts in, sending her into a fluster. He notices she got a flyer and asks her if she'd like to go. In her state of nerves, she quickly blurts out that she's busy. Renji looks somewhat disappointed by her reply, but before she can rectify it, Shuuhei whisks Renji away. He is taken to where Shuuhei, Kira, Akon and Iba are setting up the Shinigami Men's Association stall. Kira and Shuuhei are glad to hear Renji's not going with Rukia as they thought he'd abandoned the bachelors ><" Meanwhile, the Shinigami Women's Association have dressed Rukia in a kimono, which she feels is unnecessary. Rangiku replies that every girl has the right to look pretty, and asks if she doesn't have anyone to dress up for. At the festival, Rukia makes her way to where Renji is tending the stall and blushingly tells him she has time to spare. He smiles and asks if they should find a spot to watch the fireworks.

Take II opens in the 10th Division office with Rangiku once again shirking her work and poor Hitsugaya-taichou once again berating her for it. She eventually leaves as he yells at her to hurry up and leave already. Once she's gone, he remarks seriously that it's good that she's happy. At the Shinigami Women's Association meeting, Rangiku asks Rukia if she's inviting anyone to the festival. As Rukia embarrassedly says that no, she's not, she asks Rangiku who she's going with. The lieutenant is silent for a moment, causing Rukia to rethink her words, but then Rangiku bursts out, cheerful as ever, that she's got a great idea (presumably to dress poor Rukia up). Elsewhere, in Huerco Mundo, Gin remarks to Aizen that he's wondering how the lily he planted in Soul Society is doing. Aizen asks why he doesn't just plant another one here? Gin replies that the flower is special... and besides, he's no good at gardening. At the festival, alone, Rangiku thinks to herself of Gin and how she still chooses to wait, aimlessly.

Take III opens with Soi Fon punishing her Omitsukidou forces for letting Yoruichi out of their sight (she wanted to go to the festival with her). She's apparently gone to the Real World. In the Real World, Urahara asks why Yoruichi's chosen to crash at his that night. She says that she's bored before moving in closer and asks him to make her a firework. He confusedly replies that he will, before she kisses him, remarking that he still doesn't get it.

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