Devil and the Death Volume 5

Title: Devil and the Death Volume 5
Mangaka: pandabaka
Release Date: Unknown
Series: Devil and the Death #5
Based On: Bleach
Language: English
Pairing: Byakuya/Renji
Purchased From: Artist's DeviantArt page
Purchase Price: USD $9.00

"I don't want any sweet words. I don't want any bonds. I don't want a flamboyant promise... such as to love for all eternity... only if... you want to see me again... that's more than any words or promises... and I'll do anything to come back and meet you again."

I purchased this doujinshi when Pandabaka was taking pre-orders for The Devil and the Death 7. It was Bya/Ren; what could I do -_-;;

I adore Pandabaka's style. This was the first doujinshi I got from her (well, I bought two at once, as I said, but you guess which one I read first ^^;;) This doujinshi was sweet and also illustrates a scene I'd always would have liked to see in canon; Byakuya saying goodbye to Renji before he left. Of course, the romance part is an added bonus :3


This doujinshi takes place just before Renji leaves for Hueco Mundo. He's hanging around the taisha, and Byakuya worries that he's nervous about the next day. They start flirting a little, and although they clearly have an established relationship, Byakuya's not that comfortable with such public displays of affection. However, he easily caves once Renji asks if he wants to head somewhere more private.

Subsequently, somewhere more private, they sleep together before Renji leaves. Byakuya doesn't spend the night, instead getting dressed into his captain's uniform. As he leaves, he grudgingly tells Renji not to get himself killed. Renji sees past his captain's tsundere-ness and gives him a kiss goodbye. Later, as he falls asleep, he vows that he will return to his captain.

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