Bleach (English) Volume 07

Title: Bleach Volume 7
Mangaka: Tite Kubo
Published by: Shonen Jump
Release Date: 2008
Series: Bleach (English) #7
Language: English
Purchased From: Borders Bookstore Christchurch
Purchase Price: NZ $15.00

I admit, I bought this volume simply because of the character on the cover. This volume opens with Ishida interrupting Byakuya and Renji's attempted capture of Rukia. Ichigo tries to decode Rukia's message, but is stumped on how to actually turn into a Shinigami without Rukia's help. Urahara is there to provide an assist, however. Meanwhile, Ishida has been wasted by Renji (I think his only defest in the entire series, more's the pity), but before Renji can deliver the killing blow, Ichigo comes in to save him. He ends up defeating Renji, but is cut down by Byakuya with little effort. In order to save his life, Rukia decides to go with Byakuya and Renji. Urahara rescues Ichigo and Ishida and agrees to train Ichigo. As the summer vacation begins, Urahara's training starts. In Soul Society, Renji visits Rukia in her cell (in his sakura-patterned yukata!) and seems convinced Byakuya will free her from her captivity, but Rukia doesn't seem so confident. Meanwhile, Ichigo starts to train with Ururu, surprised by her fighting skills. Yoruichi locates Orihime and Chad to help them train and they try to find Ishida to train with him as well. He refuses, choosing instead to place his faith in the memory of his Quincy grandfather. The volume ends with Urahara cutting Ichigo's Soul Chain, effectively killing him, unless Ichigo becomes a Shinigami. He falls with Tessai to the bottom of a huge shaft as his chain is eaten away, link by link.

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